Submission on Bingo: Gaming and Lotteries (Amendment) Bill 2019.
The current Bill, if unchanged, will mean the end of Bingo in Ireland.

Submission on Bingo

Capital Entertainment & Leisure (CEL) have made a submission on Bingo to the Department of Justice and Equality relating to the Gaming and Lotteries (Amendment Bill) 2019.

While we broadly support Minister Stanton in his efforts to update this legislation, this Bill will have unintended negative consequences to commercial and non-commercial bingo, including to all who regularly play the game each week.

Bingo has been played in Ireland both commercially & non-commercially for over 100 years. The positive benefits of Bingo have been well documented in combatting isolation, loneliness, depression & providing a safe environment for people to socialise, have fun with the opportunity to win prizes.

Our key proposals are:

1. Legally define “Bingo” to reflect the games difference to lotteries.

2. Set minimum pay-out of 50% for Bingo over a calendar week.

3. Allow for Commercial and Non-Commercial Bingo

We don’t believe that it is an either-or-choice, we believe both Commercial and non-Commercial Bingo can operate comfortably side by side as it does in many other jurisdictions.

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